Doctor, Doctor, give me the news.

To truly get the tone of this post you’ll have to pinch your nose and read it out loud.

Well, hasn’t this week been a park full of kites and clowns.

As of last night we’ve been confirmed with Influenza A. That’s A for Annoying, Abrasive, Aggressive, Agonizing, A-lack-of-sleep and Aches.

It’s times like these (and they don’t happen often) I wish I didn’t have the internet on – looking up information on influenza on the net nearly sent us into a panic.

On the bright side, and I insist on trying to find one wherever possible, yesterday I pulled off a convincing rendition of of Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe with my husky new voice.

That being said, we’re all pretty miserable. There’ll be a cough somewhere in the house followed immediately by a moan of agony.

Our biggest drama has been trying to shield Miss0 from the worst of it. She’s had a little cough, but so far no fevers, so we’re hoping she’s somehow avoided the flu.

Master7 is the worst hit so far. Last night his coughs were so repetitive he sounded like a car with a dirty carburetor: he’s hardly managed five minutes without barking. I know this because I slept beside him, administering cough lollies, Panadol, Nurofem, hugs and cough suppressants, as required. I’m shagged. I can only imagine how tired he must be.

Unfortunately, despite getting to the doctors within 24 hours and having a swab done, we missed the 48 hours window of opportunity for prescribing Tamiflu for the little man. After discussing things last night we were still going to get everyone on Tamiflu, despite the $600 price tag. However when we arrived at the only late night chemist in town we found they’d run out of the children’s version two days ago, and by this morning we were past the 48 hour window for everyone. As it was Tracey and I got the very last adult one, which we’re sharing until they get more in.

But the girls seem to be getting through it. Occasional fevers, coughs and nauseous moments, but otherwise a big improvement.

And from what I’ve seen and heard around town we’re lucky. People have been hit so hard they haven’t been able to administer themselves, let alone anyone else.

So despite feeling sorry for ourselves we also have to feel grateful it’s not worse. Jeez, that sounds ‘glass half full’, doesn’t it? Maybe by tomorrow I’ll actually mean it.

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  • Really feeling this post… I’ve also been victim to this. I had to come to work because I had a deadline so I spent most of the day with a fever, writhing in pain at the heater (radiator). Plus I slept on the couch because I didn’t want my 7 month old son who sleeps in our bed to catch it.
    Very, very unpleasant.

    Hope it passes by quickly n you guys feel well soon.

    • Cheers Fahranaaz. I feel your pain. Last night I slept on the pull out bed from under Miss8’s bed – I’m so heavy my body was actually touching the ground. V unpleasant. Kids well and truly on the mend now. I just need sleep.

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