A Fabulous Party Game

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Miss9’s recent birthday party brought out Tracey’s creative streak, with some fun games for the girls. This was the absolute fave.

Nothing excites me more than a chance to dress up. Well, maybe beer and the chance of a good nap.

When I was at the bank I even shaved in a receding hairline when I dressed up as Gargamel. I owned that role.

Until we were about to start this game, I didn’t realise I was going to be involved at any deeper level than reffing the rolls of the dice. But Tracey had other ideas.

“Here you go,” she said, placing a chair into the circle of eight and nine year old girls.

“Oh, thank you,” I said, feeling like the old aunt at a party who everyone feels they have to watch out for. But still, it’s nice she thinks of these things.

“You’re welcome,” my wife said. “Now don’t let them start until they’re blindfolded.”

Which was when it occurred to me my role here was more than supervisory.

You Will Need:

A dice

Game Of Life spinner (or just the same dice)

Ten coloured nail polishes which roughly match the colours on the spinner (or six with one assigned to each number on the dice)

A blindfold (tablecloth and peg does the trick1)

A victim – a dad works well for this

STEP ONE: Everyone sits in a circle, including the victim, with the spinner and polishes in the middle.

STEP TWO: Everyone rolls the dice one at a time. If they roll a six they win the chance to decorate the victim.

STEP THREE: The roller of a six spins the spinner. Whatever colour it lands on is the colour they choose.

big family nailpolish game-8

STEP FOUR: Blindfold the roller and feel sorry for the victim.

STEP FIVE: The roller applies the polish to the nail of the victim (roughly) (give or take) (probably not)

STEP SIX: Allow wife to take photo. If she can hold the camera still long enough.

big family nailpolish game-9

For some reason nothing is funnier than Dad doing a bad impression of Mum. It’s just the way of things.

We’d have photos of the girls at the party enjoying this game and who painted me up so dang nice, but we didn’t get permission of all the parents, so we feel we shouldn’t. But rest assured they were giggling and squealing the whole time.

Obviously, as I stated above, you can substitute the Game Of Life spinner for another dice. Or the same dice. Work it out. Assign a colour to each of the six numbers.

Or, you can just buy Game Of Life. Every household should own it anyway. I’m sure it’s in the Constitution.

The main thing about this game is someone ends up looking fabulous. It’s a real hoot.


You Will Need:

Nail polish remover

Lots of nail polish remover

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