A change in plans

Now when your wife nudges you awake at 2.30 in the morning and asks you to cuddle her…well, let’s just say I thought the game was on earlier today. But you know those days when nothing seems to go right? That was today.

This weekend was written in ink days before it ever arrived but our well laid plans to go to Brisvegas to visit my brother & his family, CJ and Master19 began to unravel even as Miss1 was being looked over at the hospital for breathing difficulties on Thursday night. 
Tracey’s request for that cuddle really was the turning point though:  turns out she wasn’t feeling playful afterall.
“I’m sooo cold,” she said. But she was burning. And shivering.
So a new plan emerged. Tracey would ring in sick and remain in bed and the trip to Brisbane was on hold until further notice. If she came good, we could still go. 
I still had other things I needed to do though – like help a friend move house. Only when I went to hook the trailer up to our car to help a friend move house, the tyre was flat. And do you think any of the tools in either my car or the shed could undo the bolts so I could change it? Not a hope.
Still, if I thought my weekend was starting out crud I had nothing on my moving buddy who drove his car into the garage door of his rental property just before I arrived.
Only decent, fun thing to have happened so far is Miss3 had at a fantastic time playing a friend’s ballet party. There was face painting and pass the parcel and cake and lots of great stuff.
At least someone got to play games.

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  • I just had to post a comment about this.
    Sorry to hear that your wife wasn’t feeling well, and not really meaning to sound anti-men, but my DH does the same thing!
    The mere suggestion of a cuddle or innocent kiss will send him into a flurry of excitement at the possibility of more to come.
    Whatever happened to romance and affection without the obligation of taking it further?
    While I love him dearly, it reminds me of a saying that I heard years ago: Men are like an light bulb, they can be turned on with a touch, but women are like an iron, they heat up slowly.
    And on that note, there’s nothing more sexy than seeing a man doing domestic housework 🙂

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