16 Seconds

Okay, so I may still be 14 mintues and 44 seconds short of my fifteen minutes, but I’m over the moon about my first television appearance (Friday 19.04.13) for two big reasons.

Firstly, my kids got on telly with me. They were very excited. In fact, the yell that went up when they first briefly appeared on the screen was deafening.

Secondly, I got to say ‘poo’ on national television, in prime time.

That’s it, I’m done. I’ve peaked too early.

As a bonus, my new banner was featured and I got to see the loving way Tracey looks at me when I’m sprouting wisdom to others, like the ‘Good, Elizabethan, Christian Wife of old’ she is. Hmmm, no that’s not right. Maybe she’s just a better actress than I thought.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and watched me pretending to wave the family off over the fence (something I never do – can’t see the laptop screen from out there) and for all your kind words about how handsome and slim I looked.

No, wait. That was me talking 😉

She’s doting on my every word. I should have asked for something. Damn. Another missed opportunity.

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  • You did great Bruce – and I have to say you did look quite slim on the tv 🙂
    It’s a shame you weren’t featured more but the segment on a whole was good and not condescending on daddy bloggers at all which I think was great.
    Fabulous job 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole. Yep, was a good story. The other guys are great, so don’t mind them getting the spotlight.

  • Well, on the bright side of having so little air time…you still have 14 minutes and 44 seconds of fame left! Don’t want to spend it all at once 😉
    Was great to see you in “person” moving and talking on screen!

  • we we’re bummed to miss the first showing but made sure we caught the later broadcast and we cheered to see you on there!!!! – and seriously who wouldn’t wanna say poo on national telly if given half a chance ;-P – keep up the good work tv star xoxo

    • They’re lucky I went G-rating on them and said poo instead of something more 9 o’clock slot

    • Shared? Bucky if I ‘shared’ dinner like you shared the limelight my family would starve LOL 😀

    • A great bunch of blokes with a similar set of interests – really enjoy being a part of Aussie Daddy Bloggers network guys.

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