Why we recommend watching more tv

Love or hate reality television, The Supernanny has golden advice for parents, including the most awesome power of the naughty corner.

Like most things, discipline is a lot of work to start with, but gets easier with consistency. Initially, you will need to go to your local video store and rent the entire series of The Supernanny. Two things will come from this:

Firstly, you will feel like your kids are angels. Some of the cute little terrorists on Supernanny would be enough to make you turn yourself into the local police station in a pre-emptive move aimed at saving their horrid little lives.

Secondly, you will learn every sniveling little bad-mouthed comment and tantrum is your fault, not theirs.  So you shouldn’t be getting mad at them but rather at yourself.

Ouch. How’s that for smarts??

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