What Fathers Day Isn’t

As any considerate man would be able to tell you, Mothers Day, like mothers themselves, will always come first.

Quite right too. But then it’s our turn.

And as any man who gives it any thought and values their life will attest, Mothers Day is all about mum receiving some appreciation for all she does for her family which often goes unacknowledged and for which us men would require a tickertape parade and at least a mention on the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Mothers Day is not only the kids chance to throw love at their Mum but dad’s chance to buy something a little special as a thank you. But nothing for the kitchen! You only make that mistake once or your family time might be reduced to every second weekend.

So is Fathers Day about the same sort of thing? I pondered this yesterday and I don’t think so. Maybe it’s just me and the people I’ve met over the years, but I think you’ll find most dads don’t need to be told they’re awesome at this dad caper: they just assume the mantle. I confess I’ve purchased myself a Best Dad Ever mug. 

So what is Fathers Day all about if not to prop up your self worth and make you feel appreciated?

The sleep in? Just kidding. You don’t get one of those. 

The thick vegemite on cold toast they give you and then watch to make sure you enjoy as much as they imagined you would? Or maybe the cup of coffee made just the way you don’t like, which will give you reflux for the rest of the morning unless you can locate one of those chalk-like tablets in the bottom of the medicine cabinet?

How about the amazing ‘made with all of the love’ artwork the kids have brought home from their daycare or school – and which you know the teacher was snickering about when suggesting tie died socks or coat hanger wrapped in loo paper and left over tinsel was just the sort of thing dad’s LOVE? 

The diary for a year nearly finished or a rainbow pencil fluffy ball on top or, if you’re kid got in early, the World’s Best Dad mug they bought at the school’s special Fathers Day dollar shop? No, it’s not about the mugs, although I appreciate one more for my growing collection. 

The fact is, Fathers Day isn’t about us fathers at all.

Fathers Day is a thank you from the kids and that’s what makes it special. 

They get to say they love you and feed you breakfast you know they dropped at least once on the way to the bedroom. And it’s for your partner too. She gets to giggle and mock you as she videos the whole thing, I suspect so if you tell the kids to bugger off and let you sleep – like you really want to do because it’s Sunday damn it – it can be used against you in a court of law when organizing your fortnightly visits.

But that’s why I love Fathers Day and look forward to it every year – because it makes my family so happy to give me silly gifts and wake me up by jumping on my belly and tell me with genuine sincerity I’m the best dad in the whole damn world.

Anything else is just a bonus. 

And by bonus, Tracey my love, I of course mean beer. 

Raising a Family on little more than laughs

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