We Help This Damn Fine Looking Woman In Kenya


It’s time for our monthly Kiva plug! Why? Because our family LOVES this organisation and how, through it, we can help people around the world (we’ve touched the lives of people in 57 countries so far).

Kiva is a great way to help people without breaking the bank, primarily because when you put money into this organisation it doesn’t disappear. You get to control where it goes and who it helps. Plus, the money you lend to someone gets repaid so then you can lend it out again.

This month we’re lending our $25 to Eunice from Kenya so she can buy a dairy cow.

Here’s what Eunice’s application said about her:

“Eunice is a 37 year old married woman. She has 4 children. She operates a farm where she keeps dairy cows which produce milk for sale. She also grows vegetables on her farm. She has been involved in this business for 10 years. 

Her business is located in a fertile place and her primary customers are local residents. She will use the KES 20,000 loan to buy a dairy cow. Her business goal is to expand within 5 years.”

If you’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to help people less fortunate but weren’t sure how to do it, or if your budget could stretch to it, click on over and check out this wonderful organisation who lends money (our money) to people who, because of the small loan amounts and their being so poor, the traditional financial institutions wouldn’t consider lending to.

You can start with as little as US$25 and just relend it when it’s fully repaid. We started with AUD$100 and made three loans and then each month, when the repayments come in, we add a little to bring the account up to the minimum needed to lend that month – US$25. This method has seen us increase our account to US$451 over several years and we’ve made $4500 loans with that money. That’s right, every dollar we’ve put into Kiva has been worth $10. And it’s not done yet!

Plus, if we wanted to quit we could take our money back as it gets repaid 🙂

Check it out for yourself – Kiva web page. Trust me, it’s worth a look. We love sharing this experience with our kids so they learn how privileged their place in the world is just for being born in Australia and how they can make the world a much better place just by helping people to help themselves.

Kiva Logothis is not a sponsored post – we just really love these guys

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