not our baby – we don’t know if ours
has internal or external plumbing

Baby Number Seven is due in less than three weeks and most nights we sit around staring at Tracey’s stomach, like we’re waiting for something to burst out of it, alien-style.

Sadly, my hopes of a baby born in 2011, indeed born on Boxing Day, the same as Miss2, have been dashed. So now we’ve gone from willing the baby to come out, to willing it to stay in. If we can make the 13th of January the baby will be born on Tracey’s dad’s birthday – and Tracey thinks that would be special. I think it would be special because again it would be one less birth date to memorize.

Lady across the road had her little wonder on New Years. Another lady I know, who was due with her seventh on the same day as us, had her waters break yesterday. Despite there being nothing we can do about it I feel like we’re procrastinating.

But I’m being selfish. Things must surely be getting a little cramped in there for our baby. Apparently 37-40 weeks is considered full term, so we’re happy to have little Miss0/Mister0 join us.

Names are still a worry – this is the worst baby naming we’ve ever had. Usually I’ve nailed it months ago, even if Tracey is still umming and ahhing. Christopher Luke for a boy is settled, but Emily Chriss for a girl is still subject to final inspection. Emily Christina has been tossed around, and Emily Christine is growing on me. Even Emily has morphed through Alice, Gabriella, Amy and Claire, then back to Emily these past few weeks. I’ve been  pushing for Isabelle (so I can have Issie), whereas Tracey has been pushing for Gabriella (so she can have Gabby). Actually I like Gabby, but not as much as Issie 🙂 Trouble with Emily is it was one of the names we had chosen for Molly and Tracey doesn’t like to re-use names. I just like what I like.

Seriously though, even 7 kids in we still don’t know what the hell we’re doing when it comes to names.

So here we are, sitting around, waiting. Lots of Braxton Hicks happening and the odd pain, so things are progressing on-wards towards B-day. Past experience tells me these last few weeks will drag slower than a spoon through treacle, whereas the corresponding amount of time after the baby comes will fly by. It’s all part of the magic.

Doesn’t make the waiting any more fun though.


  • The wait is always the most annoying part. Counting down to D day can seem like a lifetime. Try and relax while you can though, as you know newborns are tough work!
    Goodluck both of you, can’t wait to see your new cherub:)

  • When it comes to names, after finally nailing one at 37 weeks with my daughter, we decided to keep it secret as any of the other names where shunned upon by everyone else… but i let the cat out of the bag and told my mother… she was to be isabelle paige…. 5 minutes after I had her and had barely had a chance to look at her, both mum and my partner decided she wasnt an isabella, she was a paige… with my son, i found his name in a horror film when i was 10 wks pregnant and it stuck, and just two days ago a girl from my work had her precious little boy and after asking me before she was even pregnant if she could use my sons name, we have another named after a horror movie charactor 🙂 it was such a pleasant surprise when i found out she actually went with it 🙂

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