The Tip

My lack of night vision has again given Tracey a hearty laugh.

Tonight I was putting out the rubbish after dinner. The bin was so full and so heavy I didn’t want to risk pulling the bag out so I carried, grunting and straining, the whole bin out to the wheelie bin.

Heaving the bin up to empty it, I heard a few things fall out.

‘Bloody hell!’ I thought to myself. I couldn’t see a thing so I fumbled around the ground and picked up some papers and empty strawberry punnets and rockmelon skins and –

– an opened dirty nappy.

Tracey, who watched the whole thing from the kitchen window, was mightily amused. When you’ve got kids life has a shitty sense of humour, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile I’ve decided tonight might be a good night to stop biting my nails.


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