The Pool Room

By the time I arrived home Tracey had already processed four kids through the shower. But because Miss9 still can’t put pressure her leg (more tests today, more tests tomorrow) I need to lift her in and out of the bath.

While Tracey cleaned up after dinner I went and started running the water.

“You check your emails,” said Tracey to me. “I got this.”

Usually this only takes me a couple of minutes but there was one email from Gloria Jean which especially caught my attention. I keep an eye out for Gloria Jean emails because I missed one a few weeks ago which told me I’d won a coffee machine. This one wasn’t giving me nice presents, but was pushing a competition where I could win some nice chocolate stuff. Best of all it was 25 words or less, which I know from experience give better odds to win because most people consider them too difficult to enter or just write stuff like, ‘I should win because I want it.’

I opened a word document and set to work on coffee and chocolate puns. Shortly I had something I liked and sent it off.

“How’s the bath going?” Tracey called from the kitchen.

“I thought you said you had it,” I called back.

“How? I can’t lift her. I meant I had the dishes.”

“No worries!” I called to her while I worried about whether I’d flooded the bathroom.

Hurrying through the house I bellowed to Miss9, “Grace! Your bath is….cancel that. Grace, your pool is ready!”

I needn’t have worried at all. There was a good half inch left before it overflowed.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity. “A pool!” chorused all the other kids while Miss9 shuffled over using her crutches. “Yay!”

Before I had a chance to stop anyone Master7 had shed his clothes and dived into the bath, the wave of water slopping over the side and meaning Miss1 needed a change of clothes. Miss3 didn’t even bother to take her clothes off – I got to her just as she threw her leg over the side and into the water.

Only Miss5 seemed to show any sort of restraint. She hadn’t even come into the bathroom.  But as I pulled kids out and away from the water and started to clean everything up she appeared grinning behind me in the doorway.

“We’ve got a pool!” she chimed.

She’d gone and put her swimmers on.

 when tempted to fight fire with fire remember that the fire department usually uses water

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