Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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I’m so pissed off at the moment.

We certainly have a lot to be grateful for in this country – and I don’t just mean how Mel Gibson moved to America.

Can you even imagine living in a country where political dumb happens and you can’t discuss it with your mates or put up a witty Facebook comment?

I love people in this country have the right to protest about something which upsets them. I love that about us. I love we have freedom of speech and the right to call dumb out.

So that’s what I’m going to do right now…

You! You idiots who raised your fists and kicked with your boots at the protests in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and wherever else! I don’t care which side of the argument you were sitting on, you ought to be farkin’ ashamed of yourselves.

Hold up your banners. Make your speeches. Chant, if the mood takes you. That’s your right. Lashing out isn’t.

And why you would feel the need to march over and confront each other is beyond imagining. You must know how that will end. Screaming at each other doesn’t help. The loudest group doesn’t win the day. Hitting each other doesn’t help your cause either. The group with the most arrests doesn’t get a freakin’ trophy.

Meanwhile the police, who have families and mortgages and normal lives just like the rest of us, are forced to stand between your two groups. They have to put themselves up as a meat and bone barrier because you can’t articulate a decent argument. They have to try stop people from doing something which will change the course of their lives. You know, like a prison term or hospital stay.

And I know it was only a handful of dickheads, but let’s face it – you marched over there with them and stood behind them.

Idiots. Both groups.

I’m ashamed for you.

This is not how you win an argument: this is how you start a riot.

Next time, don’t be so dumb. And then maybe, just maybe, I’ll write something about how much I agree with one of you.

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