The Colourful Streets of Holiday Horray

The way to get things done around the house, as all good parents know, is to distract the little buggers.

As an afternoon activity, Tracey pulled out some paper (picked up the roller and paper from Ikea a year or two ago) and encouraged the kids to draw their own town. She is the queen of distractions, my wife. For example, she’ll tell me to take the bin out and by the time I’m back in the bedroom, she’s fast asleep.

Holiday Horray (they named it) was thus born of crayon and paper: it’s streets and rivers lined with tree houses, a school, forests, shopping centres and a public pool. 

The kidlettes were so taken with their task that a halt was called for dinner, another for showers and finally another for bed.

We’ve told the kids they can continue to draw and colour in the morning until we get up and they have to get ready for school – that’s two distractions for the price of one! 😀

What I especially loved about this activity was listening to the kids discussing what they were drawing and why. Also noteworthy – there were no arguments.
Methinks we’ll have to try this one again.

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