A nice bit of rump

We bought a whole rump today from the local bulk butcher. MSA quality meat (guaranteed tender). At $12 a kilo we paid a total of $50 (he gave us about $3 off because we shop there regularly and smile at him). The meat is to die for, although by unanimous vote we left that side of things to the cow. Rump at both local supermarkets is $13.98 this week – and they’re both advertising this as $10.01 off regular retail !! So we’ve a far better quality product at a far better price because even though it’s only $2 a kilo cheaper, that’s still about $12 off what we would have paid at the supermarket for the same amount of cow.

That’s ONE KILO of rump for FREE!!!

Reading the specials pamphlet this week I also saw 4ltr Olive Oil tins for $20, which is $30 off regular retail. Can you guess who’ll be snaffling one of those up?

What do you think?

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