The Christmas Buzz-zzzzz


Getting the kids to bed on Christmas Eve is painful. At least, in this house.

They’re super excited and full of expectations for the next day. Not sure why. If they understood just how pissed off I was getting and perhaps reflected on the naughty or nice guidelines they’d jump into bed quick toot, don’t you think?

Instead, I found myself lying in bed beside Miss2 while she sucked on a bottle, helping her to stay put.

And, if I’m honest, nodding off a little in the process. You know, if I went to sleep at the bank my boss would be less than unimpressed. So putting her to bed is not, I’ll admit, a bad job to get stuck with.

Or so I thought.

It was all going swimmingly when suddenly I was woken from my nap by a mosquito buzzing around my head.

It occurred to me, in my dreamy state, that this was the first one of the holidays. While the mossie hadn’t bitten me at this point it was just this consistent bzzzzzzzzzzz which was driving me insane.

It had to go.

Slowly I lifted my hand, and then – BAM! I slapped the side of my face hard and fast.


Nothing changed.

I figured it must be close to my ear then. So I raised my hand again and -WHACK! I slammed it into my head so hard my ear started ringing.


So far I’d attempted to hunt mossie using nothing but my hearing, which is dodgy anyway, and the Force, which is made up. But clearly I was going to have to up the ante and open my eyes to catch this annoying critter. This made me unhappy. Not opening my eyes was the best thing about putting Miss2 to sleep.

I compromised and opened one. I listened carefully. I rubbed my cheek because it still smarted.

It sounded like the mosquito was a little to my right. I shifted my body and leaned in towards Miss2. Sure enough, it sounded closer.


I leaned in towards Miss2 a little more.


The mossie stopped buzzing.

“Wotchudoing, Daddy?” Miss2 asked me.

Which was when I realized the noise, which had caused me to twice whack myself hard in the side of the head, wasn’t a mosquito after all. It was the sound of air escaping from Miss2’s bottle while she drank it.


Merry Christmas, everyone!  😀  I sure do hope you all have a less painful start to your Christmas festivities than I have.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


  • Merry Christmas to you & your family & thank you so much for your blog, l have loved reading your blog since l found it in January of this year it has given me lots of laughs & giggles.

    It has been a joy to read, & l know it will continue to do that, l always look forward to reading it when l get the email from your site.

  • Thanks Susan and Kez 🙂 It’s a joy to write and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate people stopping by. MERRY CHRISTMAS XXX

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