The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

You know that whole thing where we become our parents? Well it’s happening to me.

As a young sprog at school I remember hearing this expression and wondering which parent I’d become.

Being a bit of a mummy’s boy, I thought I wouldn’t mind turning out like my mum. At the very least she could really cook.

The idea of turning out like my dad was scarier. As a child he was always big and loud and the disciplinarian. But then he also cooked a mean BBQ.

Ultimately, though, I didn’t see myself turning into either of them. I mean, they were old, to a teenager. Well, mum was. Dad was old and fat.
That can’t look like me! I thought. But then I looked at the photo and, upside down anyway, it certainly does.So when I was looking at a new picture book Tracey had ordered of old family photos and Miss5 came up and pointed to an upside down photo of my father and said, “That’s you daddy!” I I balked a bit.

So I guess that answers my teenage question: I’ve turned into my father. Except….

This morning I was racing around getting ready for work. I’d showered, shaved and brushed my pearly whites when I realized when I’d brought the wrong shirt in.

I stepped into the hallway just as Master7 was coming through from the lounge room. He took one look at my naked chest and his face exploded into a huge grin and basically said something which tells me I’ve become a little bit of both my parents.

“You’ve got boobies!” he yelled.

Not quite sure how I feel about that. Poorly is my first thought.

That chin does look familiar.


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