The age of reason

It seems there’s a project underway at prep because Miss5 wanted to know how old Tracey was.

“How old do you think I am?” asked Tracey. At a similar age and involved in a similar prep project, Miss8 and Master7 both guessed their mum was a pleasing 17.

“100,” said Miss5 confidently.

“Ouch,” said Tracey. “That would make me older than Nanny. Who do you think is older out of mummy or Nanny?”


This wasn’t going well. Tracey quickly thought of a way to explain she was actually still quite young and beautiful, thank you very much, to our clearly deluded little Miss5. “Who’s older out of mummy or Poppy?”


“That’s right. And Poppy is married to Nanny, isn’t he. And they’re both my parents, and I’m your mummy and I’m older than you. So who do you think is older out of mummy and Nanny?”

The gears started turning as Miss5 processed all this information, and then rejected it for the only bit of information of which she was absolutely certain.

“Mummy! Cause you’re 100 years old.”

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