Sweet & Sour

Aren’t kids great at taking a sweet, wonderful moment and souring it? You know the sorts of things. A friend looks at your little miss sunshine and says something to the effect of how much they look like you.

“No!” they scream. “I’m not fat!”

We have so much sweet & sour at our place we should set up a Chinese takeaway.

The four littlest kids had jumped into bed with us this morning and we were all lying about getting hugs and chatting. I’m guessing all this feel good must be carry over from the holiday, because usually we’re so frantic before school runs & work the riot police are on standby. 
Miss4 had her head on my chest and was looking up at me with those cute little, ‘I love you Daddy’ eyes. Then her expression changed.
“Why are there hairs in your nose?” she asked me. While I floundered for an answer she came up with her own. “Is it cause you’re really old?”
You want rice with that? Prawn chips?

What do you think?

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