Super Sale Shopping

Tracey went back to Target on Saturday to snatch up a couple more bargains.

All up she spent $34.60 for $97.00 of apparel, although while they were on special the shoes (retail $20 paid $11.35) and the Justin Bieber shirt (retail $15 paid $7 – and don’t ask why we suddenly own it, she’ll get defensive) weren’t in Super-Special mode. Take those two items out and the remaining shirts and Summer PJ’s which retailed for $62.00 cost us $16.25.

Okay, so our kids will be wearing last seasons clothes. If you care you’re on the wrong blog: goodbye and don’t scuff your Prada heals on the way out. As I’ve mentioned before, buy for the next growth spurt when the last season sales are on and you’ll never pay full price for clothes again.


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