A Night Read


Every day or two we have a new school ‘reader’ book sent home with Miss6 and Master5.

Initially this can be a very frustrating activity as your little protégé destroys any illusions you had of their superior intellect and hopes for early acceptance on a full scholarship to Harvard or Cambridge. How is it possible, in a book entitled “I Go, Go, Go” with those words appearing beneath every picture, they can stare blankly at those very same words on the last page like they’ve never seen them before in their life?

Perseverance is the key (remember, you can’t hit the daft little buggers no matter how much you might want to whack some smarts into them). Suddenly it’s like a switch is thrown somewhere in their little heads and you feel you can resign from the weekend job you took on in anticipation of paying for their special needs tutors.

Once the kids are a more confident with their reading have them read their book to their siblings at night. Not only does it give you a little break, but it also helps with their self-confidence. Public speaking ranks number two in the most common list of fears. Maybe with a little early intervention we can help our kids to overcome this hurdle. I’m not saying this absolutely works – I’m no psychiatrist – but both our older children have done well in public speaking activities at school.

And lets try put ‘fear of back-chatting Dad’ back on top where it belongs.

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