I consider myself fairly well read. I usually have three books on the go at the same time (most often thriller, fantasy, whodunit), and just open whichever one suits my mood. But today I found myself lacking.

“I had the best day,” Master8 told me as we drove to the shops tonight. “Guess why.”

I could think of lots of things which might have happened at school to make him happy. I tried a few out.

“Did you ace a spelling test?”


“Maths test?”


“Reading test?”

“I didn’t have a test,” he told me.

That’s okay. I still had lots of ideas.

“Did you get an award?”


“Did the teacher make you student of the week?”



“Dad, it’s nothing to do with school or teachers. It was at lunch time.”

Still on a roll.

“You made new friends. Someone bought you an iceblock. You kicked a goal.”

“No. No. No.”

The pauses between guesses were becoming longer now.

“You found money.”

He shook his head. No luck.

“Give up?” he asked me when we got to the shops.

“What?” I asked as we grabbed a trolley. “Of course, I give up. I always give up, okay? If you ask me a question from now on and I don’t get it right first go, assume I’ve given up.”


“Sorry. I give up. Why was today so exciting?”

“I’ll show you,” he said, and gave himself the biggest self administered wedgie I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. “I walked around all lunch like this. It was really funny.”

He was grinning. He thought he was hilarious. As funny as it looked, I thought he’d knocked a screw loose.

“Who am I, Dad?” he wanted to know.

“Urkle?” I suggested.


“That’s my one guess,” I told him. “I don’t know.”

“Hey!” said the trolley boy, walking past. “It’s Harry Highpants!”

“That’s right!” beamed Master8.

I guess I better up it to four books on the go and include a children’s section.

On the bright side, we’re set the next time it’s Book Week and he has to dress up as his favourite character.

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  • Bahaha! My son used to pull his pants up really high when he was 3 and say ‘I’m Harry high pants’ soooo cute 🙂

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