Stay Right Where You Are

Why are kids always in such a hurry to grow up?

“I can’t believe our little girl is turning ten this year!” Tracey said to me as she gave Miss9 a big squeeze.

“Double digits,” I nodded. “It’s gone so fast.” I joined in the cuddle. “But for now, she’s still nine.”

Admittedly, she doesn’t turn 10 until November, so we’ve still a ways to go, but it flies past so fast sometimes you just have to sit and soak it up.

Miss9 was having none of it. She pulled herself out of our grips.

“I’m not nine,” Miss9 corrected me. “I’m nine and a half.”

“What? Are we friends of that Potter kid now? Are we heading towards being 9 3/4 next?”

Kids always seem to want to be older. Older is staying up later and more freedom. It’s awesome, right? Until we get there, and suddenly you’re telling people you’re turning twenteen because if you’re not a teen you’re old in a bad way.

I remember a birthday party of my sisters when she was refusing to entertain the idea of turning thirty.

“I’m twenty-ten,” she insisted, and refused to blow out the candles until we all acknowledged this ‘fact’.

I looked at Miss9 and fought for some way to tell her not to rush it.

“We’ve already had two kid grow up way too fast and move out of home,” Tracey told Miss9. “We just want you to stay plain old nine for a while so we can enjoy you.”

She’s a lifetime to grow older – these all too few years of innocence and discovery and wonder are fleeting by comparison. I just hope she takes the time to enjoy them while she’s here.

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  • Sometimes I get sad when I look at my children and realise how fast time has flown by with them getting older, my 9mth girl is walking……unaided, everyone is amazed and happy….apart from me, my youngest obviously wants to grow up faster than im able to let go

    • They all do. And once they hit highschool it’ s like those five years are combined into one. They start grade eight and next thing you know they’ve graduated. I think this is why grandparents are so doting – they’ve been there and they know it’s all gone by too fast.

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