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When I lived in Brisbane the only way my mug would end up in the paper would have been if I managed to be the sole victim in a major bridge collapse.

Not so in G-town where I’ve been in the paper, the Gympie Times, twice in the last month. Plus I’ve been on Channel 7 Local News last week (showing my support for our local footy team, the mighty DEVILS).

And I didn’t have to die or anything.

All my kids have at one stage or another been in the local rag. They love it! But back to me 🙂 I got a phone call from Grandma Mac on Saturday after she spotted me front and centre-ish on page 15.
“You’re in the paper,” she said to me. I knew it was coming up. I was there when they took the picture.
“Oh, they put it in today’s, did they? How do I look? Gorgeous?” I can dream.
But Grandma Mac isn’t known for pandering to bullshit. “You look ridiculous. You should be embarrassed.”
Ouch. Oh, well. Now that I’ve seen the picture I can’t disagree – I’m going to have to do something about my eyebrows, for sure. But who cares? Not me. Cause I’m in the paper!! 🙂


  • Hi! I am a regular reader, never comment leaver. But I just had to tell you that I read your post and I really laughed out loud! You have turned a not so fantastic day into one where I really laughed so hard! Would love to sit and chat with Grandma Mac – she sounds hilarious! THANKS!!

    Nic 😀

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