Sew You Think You Can Sew

Tracey made little Miss1 a darling outfit to run about in – not the shirt, although she did sew stuff onto it. Miss1 thought she was pretty spesh and, quite frankly, so did her mother. Total cost was negligible – pink was from a clearance sale at Dimmeys for $3 a meter, shirt was 1.49 from Target last sale and the patterned material was $7 on sale from Lincraft. And even then she didn’t use even half a meter of each material.

As a stress-relieving hobby, Tracey has found sewing to work wonders. Apparently. The cussing and stamping of feet I witness from the kitchen as she sits straight-backed in front of her machine must be caused by something else.

I rather bravely explained to Tracey that unfortunately Miss1’s new ensemble doesn’t match any of her other outfits, but Tracey assures me Miss1 will have it pumpkin stained in no time 🙂

What do you think?

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