Saleschildren – The New Frontier

“You know how when I was in your belly you stopped going to the gym and got fat?” Miss6 said when Tracey picked her up from Grandad’s.

“Ummm….yes?” said Tracey, wondering where on Earth this conversation was headed and if she really wanted to step on board.

An unwell Miss6 spent the morning with Grandad today, as both Tracey and I were working, and there’s always an interesting story or two when that happens (last visit it was ice-cream for breakfast).

“She’s been watching ABC2 the whole time,” Grandad had assured Tracey when she picked Miss6 up, but after this conversation, we’re not convinced.

“Well, you don’t ever have to go to gym again,” Miss6 continued, “because all you need to do is lie on your back and twist your body from side to side and you can have the body you always wanted. And Mummy…”

“Yes, dear.”

“If you buy now you can get two for the price of one, so Daddy can get the body he always wanted too.”

“I am the body he wants, dear,” she assured Miss6.

There was a pause in the conversation at this point, so Tracey tells, where a thoughtful frown creased Miss6’s forehead and she wondered if maybe that last comment hadn’t soared over Miss6’s head like she intended. But she needn’t have worried.


“Yes, dear.”

“You know how when I was in your belly and you got really fat?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Who was in Daddy’s belly when he got really, really fat?”

And then they both bonded over a long, chortling laugh at my expense.

No, I think there might have been a little channel hopping going on this morning, Grandad, unless the marketers of these exercise machines have suddenly started telemarketing on ABC2.

Although, come to think of it, if this conversation with Miss6 is anything to go by, maybe they should look into it.

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  • Love it! I was pregnant with my first, and when I told the little girl I looked after she said “Oh so THAT’S why you’ve gotten so fat!” Really good for the ego of a hormonal pregnant woman…NOT!

  • My 4 year old son suggested I buy the Dermawand for his (almost) 90 year old great-grandmother, because she is “…really, really wrinkly!”. Out of the mouths of babes.

  • My Master5 has a keen interest in my (now rather flabby) belly, and often asks me why it is fat. I tell him it was because four babies grew in it, and two of them were quite big (well over 10 pound)… He now announces to anyone new we meet that he doesn’t want to have a fat belly like Mum, so he is only going to have three babies, and he will tell them they must be small (like kids listen!) it tends to leave most people (check-out operators, door-to-door salesmen,his sister’s teacher for example) a bit uncomfortable, and not knowing what to say! That’s my boy!! And I made the mistake of turning on the tv during the day recently while sick, and the boys were fascinated with those exercise machines! Just hope they don’t tell Dad that he should get me one for Christmas 🙂

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