Refried Bean Dip

iga refried bean dip

This is a dip Tracey and I fell in love with nearly fifteen years ago, while we were courting, so it brings back so happy memories.

This recipe is simple. Your only decision is whether to make the guacamole dip yourself or head to your local IGA for a pre-made one from their cold section. Throw in some corn chips for dipping and you’ve got yourself a crowd-pleaser people will be asking you for the recipe of.

I love watching people sample this for the very first time.

They’ll screw up their nose but curiousity will get the better of them as they watch several members of our family hoeing in. Of course, once they grab a corn chip and try it their expression will change immediately, and you’ll notice the amount of dip on their corn chips steadily increase with each tasting.

refried bean dip

You will need:

1 can of refried beans

1 cup of guacamole dip

300ml sour cream

3 tablespoons taco seasoning

1 tomato, chopped

STEP ONE: This recipe is three layers of bliss. Open that can of refried beans and spread it evenly over the base of your dish.

STEP TWO: Now we want a layer of guacamole.

STEP THREE: Finally, mix the sour cream, taco seasoning and tomato in a bowl and then spread it over the guacamole layer.

STEP FOUR: Get yours before it’s all gone.

Add a bit of spice to the dish by adding a layer of your favourite Salsa Dip between the avocado and the sour cream 🙂

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This has been a sponsored post for IGA 🙂 But the love of refried bean dip is all our own.



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