Pardon My French

“I’m learning French online,” Miss14 said excitedly when we met up with our friends from New Caledonia.

Marie, who Tracey & I know from our hometown of Gympie, lives on this island paradise with her very sexy sounding French man whose been working on the island nation for many a decade.

So, naturally, when presented with this family with odd accents and a wealth of foreign culture to mine the first thing my kids wanted to know was…

…how to say the eff word in French.

I realise it’s a shallow victory but I was rather pleased they actually used the word ‘eff’ to ask. I’ll take whatever parenting points I can make up at this point.

And then my kids – all of them – practiced using this wonderful new word in sentences until The Sexiest Voice In The World returned with coffee to our table.

Putain,” grinned our kids.

Non,” he whispered, eyes darting to his wife. He spread his hands as if to say ‘what the putain?’ and shook his head. “Non.”

“Well, I guess that proves she told us the right word,” said Master12 cheerily to his siblings.

Which meant they could really cut loose when the next day we took to the waters of southern Tasmania to see seals in the wild for the very first time, courtesy of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.

Putain!” they yelled as we bumped and plunged wildly and wetly through the swell as we shot into the Southern Ocean. “Putain!

Before too long we’d arrived at the island.

Wow. So much wow.

Wow for the boat ride. Wow for the dad joke banter of the captain and his crewmate. Wow for the seal colony. Wow for that seal colony smell.

And wow for seeing my kids finally silenced.

Silenced, not in awe of the wonder of nature in front of them so much as the nature of putting your foot in it when you’re a Devereaux.

Even more pleasantly than being suddenly very quiet, they were even looking abashed.

“And where are you guys from?” the captain asked the people sitting directly in front of us after we’d disclosed our Queenslander originals.

“Paris,” they smiled.

Over the couple’s chuckling you could almost hear my kids thinking that other French word they’d learnt the day before, ‘Non!

Our First Seal Encounter Caught On Video

If you can’t see this video here’s a link to watch it on YouTube:

The new Pennicott Wilderness Journeys centre is still a work in progress, but you can tell it’ll be breathtakingly good. Parts of it already are. The coffee, for example.

One of the things I loved was we were one of five boats heading out to see the seals. Every now and then you’d catch up with another boat before it sped off, or they’d catch up to you, but the best thing was knowing if something went wrong there was help right there. Yes, I worry about this sort of shit.

The Dad jokes start before you’re even on the boat. “We have two seats still available on this boat. Any singles here? Unhappily married couples?”

Our Captain, My Captain.

It’s a credit to these guys how interesting they make things like rocks. Like side by side rockfalls known as the Rolling Stones & Mick Jaggeds because the first fall happened further in the past so the rough edges have been removed by the movement of the ocean.

Brilliant day. Three hours and the kids were thrilled the entire time. We all leant something. Sadly, for the kids it was primarily how to bark like a colony of seals. 

Raising a family on little more than laughs

This post is not sponsored however Petticott Wilderness Tours liked the idea of showing off their tour and Tracey taking photos for them so we got to go for nix 

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