I was so excited about drawing and painting with Miss5 at her prep’s Father’s Day evening I asked Tracey to pick up some more paints and pens yesterday.

I assume it was Tracey’s keen sense of money-pinching which led her to combine my request and bring home paint pens.

Keen to see how well they work, Tracey set up Miss2 at the table for some art and craft. Unfortunately the lid was a little overzealous about it’s job and Tracey needed to apply some elbow grease to get it off. The result was some spontaneous Braveheart-like face painting.

Tracey saw the funny side but Miss2, not so much. “Mummy’s nose!” she screamed, racing off in a tither. She thought her mummy had broken her nose.

Given her earlier effort a few days ago, it just doesn’t seem to be Tracey’s week.

I’m just glad she took a photo this time 🙂

Luckily Tracey always works with safety goggles in place.


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