Me & My Girl

Some of our brilliant work with plates.

I was woken this morning, from a perfectly good slumber, by Miss5 screaming, “TODAY IS SAUSAGE SIZZLE DAY!” three inches from my right ear.

Tonight was one of my favourite nights of the year – the Prep Father’s Day Celebration.

This is the Mr Sciggle-like drawing Miss5 drew.


When she was done we could turn it on it’s side and it was a lovely drawing of Miss5 and I at the beach.


Or alternatively, we turn it the other way and we’re plummeting to earth having fallen out of a plane. Either way, it’s a lovely drawing of us, don’t you think?

What I especially love about this night is I get to a eat a sausage, paint, dance and draw with one of my kids (Miss5 tonight, as she’s the one in prep) and someone else has to clean up the mess. Plus, I get to play with a hammer!

“Take a photo!” I told another parent. “My wife won’t believe they let me near a hammer.” (No children were harmed in the making of this photo. Sadly, the same can’t be said for a couple of bent nails.)

Even though the above photo is blurry, I think Miss5’s fear still comes through pretty clearly. If there was another couple of photos in this series you’d see Miss5 disengage herself from me and cower at the fence behind us. But me, I was having a ball.

So not a lot to write tonight, just a whole lot of fantastic memories. Thank you to my darling little Miss5 for a wonderful evening 🙂

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