Our Family’s Best Kept Secret

Photo credit – Conrad Gargett
Things have certainly changed a lot since I was a kid. And I’m only just beginning to understand how much.

“This is new,” I said to my wife as we drove through South Brisbane past an odd looking green building.

“What is it? asked Tracey.

“It’s the new children’s hospital,” Miss11 piped up from the back seat.

And it was too.

“How do you-?” I started.

“It only just opened,” Miss11 continued.

“But how do you-?” continued Tracey, taking up the WTF theme.

“It was on the news,” said Miss11, like it was obvious.

But we don’t watch the news. Almost never. In fact, we don’t even watch the telly much. The kids watch DVD’s and Youtube, but that’s about it.

“When,” I asked her, “do you ever watch the news?”

Suddenly, our daughter looked as guilty as Santa caught painting an Easter Egg.

“Sometimes I turn it on,” she admitted, “when you’re not looking.”

There’s nothing like the revelation your eleven year old daughter secretly watches the news behind your back to make you feel like a top notch parent.

“Why on Earth would you do that?” I wanted to know.

When I was her age I’d watch The Goodies and then turn the volume down so I could get in some Doctor Who before Mum realized the time and demanded I turn the knob over to the news.

“A girl my age needs to know what’s going on,” explained Miss11.

I guess times have changed. Who knew?

Not us.


It really does make a difference :) Thanks.

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


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