Oh my Dog, what have we done?

This strange rat-like creature is our beautiful Jazz, freshly shaven and feeling a little outside her comfort zone. Actually we didn’t expect to have our ball of fluffy love returned to us looking like something out of Gremlins (I mean, look at those ears). We requested she be clipped, not shaved, but clearly something was lost in the translation.

When Tracey arrived to pick her up she went right by her, not even recognizing the pitiful looking thing as our Jazz.

I pre-positioned the kids on the drive home by saying their Mum had called me from work to say how funny Jazz looks with her fur cut off, so when they saw her they thought it was funny and not something to be scared of. That may sound overdone, but our littlies have issues with both strange dogs and shaving.

I once shaved my head for cancer and I couldn’t eat dinner with the family for two weeks because Miss6 (when she was a Miss3) would scream blue murder if there was even a hint of me entering the house before she was asleep. Whenever she did see me she had this mantra going where she’d say, “Not my daddy. Not my daddy. Not my daddy,” over and over until I began to have doubts myself and was considering paternity tests.

This is what a beautiful specimen of this magnificent species should look like –
I am riddled with guilt just looking at what we’ve done.

We’ve been heaping the love on Jazz tonight to make sure she knows we still love her and want her in our pack 🙂

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