Mystery? Solved! (Sorry)


Thursday night found us sitting around a fire in our backyard with our neighbours and talking, naturally, about kids.

“We keep finding our daughter,” they said, talking about their just one year old, “with a green tongue.”

“Is she sucking on a felt pen?” asked Tracey.

“That’s what we thought,” they said, “but we’ve never found one.”

We’ve had pen suckers. We’ve had pencil eaters. But it turns out this was something new.

Not long afterwards they had us laughing about another strange habit their daughter has.

“Only the other day we found her head down in the toilet with her feet off the ground, washing her hands in the loo,” they said.

Horrifying, I know. But there was a good reason she was washing her hands – turns out, she loves to play with the toilet duck gel.

“And it takes forever to get off her hands,” they said despondently.

“Toilet duck gel?” asked Tracey. “They don’t happen to be green, do they?”

“Yes, they are!” they exclaimed. “Why?”  Pause. “Oooooh….”



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