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I’m rather proud of my children at the moment.

“I’m just going to read a book for a while,” I told the kids. “You guys watch telly or something.”

“You’re going to sleep,” accused Miss12.

I held up Exhibit A – a copy of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.

“Then what’s this for?” I asked her.

“For pretending you’re going to bed to read?” suggested Miss12. Rudely, I thought. Correctly came to mind as well, because she did have a point. I’ve been reading this book in bed for nearly a week now and I haven’t quite finished chapter one.

“You kids just find something to do and don’t disturb me unless there’s smoke or tigers,” I told her.

And find something to do they did!

By the time I finished reading, Miss12, Master10 and Miss8 had filmed and edited a video where they played with a toy our family has been asked to review – QIXELS.

Unsurprisingly, it’s sort of like those Youtube videos where kids open a toy at the camera. My kids LOVE watching those, while personally I don’t see the attraction. On the bright side, though, this video is only short and Miss12 has edited out all the ‘umms’ of which, judging by the number of cuts in so many of the sentences, there were a few.

So the video below isn’t anything flash in terms of quality, but it is fun and real and totally without any adult input. Actually, it’s hell better than I would have done on so many levels. Plus, I get to simply share it and tick a box which says ‘job done’. How excellent is that?!

As for QIXELS, you’ll see from the vid how the kids genuinely loved them. Because the little blocks are squarish they make shapes a bit reminiscent of Minecraft characters, so the kids lapped (and are still lapping) up that aspect of it. They ended up with some fantastical monsters and Miss12 even decorated her laptop by going ‘off the grid’, spelling out her name and designing cute little hearts (which I got in trouble for thinking were Space Invaders). In fact, the templates which came with the sets were really just the starting point, and they were all soon creating their own beasts and patterns by placing the tiny, coloured blocks onto the design boards.

The sets the QIXELS people sent the kids to review included a water gun to spray the blocks into place (when they dry they stay stuck together) and a sort of clever lettuce spinner for drying their creations in super speedy time – both now considered essential in the making of things to decorate their laptops and drawers.

So here is my rather clever children’s rather clever video which is rather wonderful, if rather less sharp than it should be. I hope you enjoy it rather as much as I did…

…after I woke up from reading my book that is.

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To enter the competition to win an amazing prize pack from Moose Toys, in comment section below answer the question: What monster would your little monster make with Qixels?

WINNER: Kristy  WINNING ANSWER: My 4 little monsters said they would make me as their monster or their siblings!!! This could be interesting.

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  • These look pretty great! I am going late night shopping to frantically buy Xmas presents and these will tick the boxes! Miss7 would make a princess or perhaps a pink monster. Mr4 would make a vomit coloured monster or a bottom

  • Well as all three of my kids are minecraft nuts are the moment (which includes watching Stampycat video on YouTube til my ears are bleeding – that guys voice could cause all world leaders to sign peace treaties in less than a minute) they would love anything that they could use to build similar stuff to their mincraft creations, and I would love that they were separated from their screens for a while – win/win lol.

  • My niece and nephews would love these and make all kinds of things probably starting with the villains from all the superhero stories.

  • In the words of my 7 year old – i would like to make a monster with 6 eyes ,6 arms and six legs & i want to see 6 brains coming out of his head.

  • I just asked my almost 4 year old…

    “I would make a Holly Monster mum, because that’s what I am!!!”

    (Yes her name is Holly, and yes, she sure is a monster!!!! At least she knows, I guess! Lol)

  • My daughters would love these ( and I have a 3 week old so I need LOTS of naps!) truthfully, they would probably make love heart villains! Not very scary really.

  • My three kidlets would have a ball making monsters old and new. Miss 3 a frozen monster, Master 7 the Hulk and Master 9 would be ghostbuster themed 😉

  • I’m glad my kids aren’t the only ones who love those youtube videos of opening toys. I’m not sure if i’m looking forward to or dreading the running commentary christmas morning 😉 haha My kids would make monsters or dragons. Been wanting to try these – I mean, my kids have been. My kids! lol

  • My boys are hanging out to watch the new Star Wars movie, so it would probably be a monster from there, possibly Chewbacca!

  • My oldest little monster (4 yr old girl) says she would make a “slimy montrosaurus in Elsa-blue”. My youngest little monster (2 yr old boy) says he would make a “mess”. He’s probably right.

  • I reckon my daughter would make a minecraft creeper whereas my son would probably try to make a replica of his bits until forced to make something more PG13 like his cat mount from WoW. 🙂

  • So I asked master 4 and his answer was “seriously mum, you know what I would make, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raves, and Beastboy from Teen Titans Go, and I would make all the Super Hero’s, you know Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and you would help me you know”
    Yep, why did I ask! lol
    Oh and now he wants to make a video just like your kids did, which he thought was brilliant… (Well done to your children they did a awesome job)

  • My two boys are minecraft obsessed, so it would probably be one of those freaky looking monsters from the game…iron golem or creepers perhaps!

  • Mr 11, Mr 9 and Miss 6 would make creepers and endamen ( what parent knows how to spell that) and those giant spiders with the creepy riders.
    Mr 4 would make Shredder.

  • Creepers I’m guessing I have no idea what they are but that’s all the conversation contains around this place. So Im guessing they might be impressive…..maybe ?

  • My master 9 would make a minecraft monster thingy, my master 7 would make an only monster shape he could see thingy and my little miss 5 would try and make a baby monster thingy that only she could see too.

  • These are on my sons Christmas lists, as with many other children they are Minecraft obsessed and they never cease to amaze me with their creativity. My eldest is all about designing his own skin so I’m sure that’s what he would make first!

  • My son is 6 and loves watching the old school games on YouTube, pacman, donkey Kong etc. Seems this would be perfect to make those characters!

  • My 7 year old has been asking for these he is Minecraft and Star Wars mad so I am sure there would be lots of creepers, Steves, Darth Vaders and yoda’s being made! Either way I’d be happy to see him getting creative off the screen!!!

  • my kids would definitely make minecraft creatures and Zombies or recreate blockier versions of pokemon characters .

  • My girls are heavily into Minecraft and all things gaming so they would no doubt build some type of stampy creation or possibly a zombie type hybrid animal. Gotta love their imagination! Anything that keeps them quiet works for me 🙂

  • My boys are minecraft/terraria mad like most kids today I can see them building anything related to these games would be great way to get them away from the screens and being creative to boot!!!

  • My 7 year old monster would love to make all kinds of monsters with this set (if she can stop her Dad from joining in and accidentally taking over ?) My 2 year old monster would love to just make a mess, because let’s face it, anything with small pieces that can be scattered into every corner of the lounge room and will have Mum finding them for a good 6-12 months later in the vacuum cleaner contents has got to be fun right?

  • My daughter, Miss 11, would most certainly make either a Stampycat, or a character from KISS, her other obsession! Great to see your kids having fun together with something so creative!

  • Asked Master (almost) 4
    “If you where to make a monster, what type would it be?”
    yells form the lounge room…
    “NUFFINK!! …. Monster’s are not real remember !!”
    Very true ….as we had only had a discussion’ Monsters aren’t real’ last week LOL

  • I have seen a lot of those videos that usually feature immaculately manicured hands and terrible accents from grown ups playing with the toys (my two year old is addicted!!). This is far superior.
    My monsters would make hmmmm, my son would make spy vs spy most likely, or a weapon of some sort, my middle daughter would make a rainbow unicorn or a butterfly, my oldest would make a tribute to whoever her latest favourie band is. I would make a three dimensional dragon but thats coz I want to know if it would work!!
    Have a great Christmas guys, thanks for sharing with us

  • My kids would let their imaginations run wild. DD would create some kind of ladybug creation. My boys, some vision of a monster truck or Scooby Doo type monster ?
    Good Luck to everyone!

  • If I know my boy(6) it would be a weapon to take out the monsters and she would make random colours or circles (she’s 3 she likes circles)

  • My son 6 and is obsessed with minions so I am positive he would try to recreate all the minions he knows off by heart, then maybe once he got the hang of it some dragons from train your dragons… My 4 year old girl would design something pretty and pink! My 3 year old girl would do TMNT as she is obsessed with them ? ps LOVED your kids video and the magic spray ? Classic

  • My 5yr old son would go mad for this, and I was going to get him one for Christmas but Santa ran short on my and time this year. But as he is madly in love with motorbikes he would probably make a monster bike with big sharp teeth and big Googlie eyes

  • I cheated and actually asked them. I was in total despair, as 4 of my 5 kidlets gave me fairly generic descriptions of their fantasy beast. However, after 24hrs rumination, Mr 5 saved the day. His “dream monster” looks like this, and i quote “he would be green and slimy, with really big eyes and nose, so he could track his prey, and 9 arms so he can catch his food, and when i stab him with my special sword, his bleedings are made of chocolate.” Not sure if he could create this using Qixels, but he’d give it a crack 🙂

  • Ms 3 loves dinosaurs so that would be it. Then of course anything after that maybe the ones I have to patrol for each evening.

  • Miss 7 would make an evil elf
    Mr 6 would make a dinosaur (loch ness monster)
    Or a zombie ( what is it with kids and zombies these days! )
    Miss 4 would just make a princess she’s so stubborn if you would ask her to make a monster she will either trow a tantrum or just flat out refuse!!! Ha ha

  • These are great! My son loves how they’re cube shaped, Minecraft style. He’s obsessed with Minecraft & Lego so he would either make a zombie or a Lego Ninjago mutant snake!

  • I would make a fire breathing dragon said Mr 6 Miss 8 said she would make a monster that only eats fire breathing dragons…of course!

  • Miss 11 would make something minecrafty although she probably would create me her mum! Miss 7 would create a princess monster of almost sure! And master 6 would create some crocodile x fish x bird x spider monster as his imagination goes wild when building… Merry Christmas everyone

  • Miss 10 (evil twin ) said she would make a doggy monster … well she does own 20 dogs… dog crazy & Miss 10 (good twin) said she would make a booger monster…yes a snot monster!!! She said to tell you it’s not a typo ☺

  • I don’t care what my son makes, as long as he makes something. This would get him away from the screen for a while which in itself would be enough to make me cheer!

  • I’m pretty sure that – being the only girl with 3 brothers – my daughter would make monsters with her brothers’ faces ’cause they’re all stinky monsters!!!

  • Our son would make a Doyouthinkhesaurus, one eye dinosaur – hahahaha. The joke from his christmas cracker.

  • My granddaughter would make anything PINK! One grandson would make zombies and aliens – definitely NOT PINK – and the other would just make what I want – ‘cos “You can all like different things, you know!”

  • ANGELA DALY: My little girl would make a miniature of her doll, Rosie, that she’s had for about 8 years!

    (From Facebook comments)

  • My tribe would definitely make minecraft characters out of them, steve, zombies and endermen. I have never played the game but know alot about it from them 🙂

  • What a lovely bunch of kids. I love creative toys like this. Monster 8 would make representations of our family including our dog Boris and monster 6 would make the same but with an insane amount of pink and purple.

  • My 8 yr old says his monster would be green and fire breathing with golden claws. Love a toy with some creativity and most importantly, quiet time!

  • Bogey Man, the scariest monster there is…..the one who lurks in the shadows of ones bedroom, hiding beneath the bed, waiting to grab your feet.

  • My mr 6 would make ninjas and the minecraft endodragon (if that’s what it’s called?). And maybe a bat. He has a thing for bats at the moment.

  • My kids absolutely love these! I love watching all the things they come up with….Creepers are the favourite at the moment.

  • I think my son would make his monstrous little sister who has just hit the terrible 3s or as we like to call her Little Blanchett because her tantrums are an Oscar winning performance!

  • My son loves to make tissue box monsters. They are everywhere seemingly taking over the house!! They are all friendly ones . I asked him what he would call one made from qixels and he said, squinty 🙂 with only one eye lol

  • A huge dragon monster with trees growing out of its head… I say this because this is exactly what my little one made out of Play Doh the other day!

  • I think my little guy would make up some sort of a Minecraft baddie. He is completely obsessed with anything Minecraft lately!

  • My kids would love these, they would probably make Harry Potter and shopkins figurines with them!!!

    Glad everyone in your world is well again!!!

  • The oldest girl would do a fire breathing dragon, and the youngest would give anything to be able to make a unicorn!

  • I’m not sure, my daughter is too young for this it my two younger brothers would spend hours making many weird and wonderful monsters

  • Um…me maybe…their monster Mother!!! The monster who demands they clean their room, put the dishes away, do their homework and dare I say it, brush their teeth!!

  • I’d make something geeky like Star Wars, fallout or doctor who.

    Nieces and nephews would probably go something from mine craft. Though my niece did face paint me into a “vampire smurf” so she may get creative

  • My kids would make pics of the most scariest, mischievous ( and I must say loudest) monsters of all…… Themselves lol

  • My 4 yr old daughter would probably make a smiley batman riding a rainbow unicorn, then show it off proudly to the world haha

  • we’d make anything we can think of shapes, monsters, christmas items, numbers, letters anything to get my twins (autism) to use their fine motor skills with

  • Oh gosh, the boys in our family would love these! I have actually bought 2 sets for my twin nephews for Christmas but my 4 boys are going to be jealous when they see them opened :/ What will they make? Superheros, mine craft characters, an imaginary creature – a qidgemaboo!

  • I asked, he answered without hesitation… “A creeper… and then something for you. Maybe a creeper for you. Maybe a ZOMBIE for you!”

    I’m kind of hopeful for the zombie to be honest.

  • My little monster would either make elmo, Cookie Monster or sully from monsters inc. she’s only3, so doesn’t know of any other monsters yet.

  • My monster would probably just make a monster of a mess call it art and cry when I “cleaned” it up (reads vacuum it and bin it). NO not really she is art mad and extremely creative also loves hair so it would be embellishments everywhere for clips, bands & slides.

  • Mine would try his hardest to make ‘Mike Wazowski’ – He’s totally in love with that monster. Which would be fine except he now wants to be a comedian when he grow up….. but maybe his jokes will improve. 🙂 Hopefully winning these will turn him into an engineer instead.

  • My little monster would probably make a mess monster in the fact she would say it was a monster but it would look more like beados blob of a mess – artistic nature just like her mum.- nil. Lol!

  • Our Monster Miss 4 (and monster she is, why do people talk about the terrible twos, but not the fearsome fours??) would most likely make a zombie princess named Chelsea. Or Lucy.

  • With out a doubt my boy would make a creeper and an endar man (I am not sure how to spell it) lol I am sure we would also have a zombie and other great creations

  • I’ve got 2 little monsters who would both go nuts over these.
    The first is completely minion obsessed so would try and make minions and more minions
    The second would try and somehow make Bowser from Super Mario Bros…or Kylo Ren from Star Wars it would come down to the day 🙂

  • Merry Christmas! We have 2 girls, aged 10 & 11, we have always called them ‘Monsterz’, so maybe they’ll make self portraits lol. Thanks for the opportunity ?

  • Lexi would make ‘OH’ the little monster out of the movie HOME. She loves him. She has a toy and carries him everywhere we go.

  • My 8yo daughter would make a dragon, from How To Train Your Dragon, specifically Toothless. She is quite dragon mad, and when we drove past Parliament House the other day on the way from Tassie to NSW, she said that if she was Prime Minister she would put a dragon on top instead of a flag.

  • My eldest monster, Miss 7 said she would make me because she said I am a bit of a monster when I wake up in the morning!!! Charming.

    • For my Master 11 who I consider a master builder and loves to create, build, draw etc. Anything Lego, Avengers, Star wars, Minecraft, or well anything really. He’d love having another way to construct his next creation

  • My son really wanted a robot for Christmas. He isnt getting one unless Santa is a miracle worker, or he’s sweet talked the rellies without me knowing. Chances are he’d make one out of Qixels and I’d be summoned to make robotic noises and move it around the room at his request.

  • My 8 year old son would probably make a “willy monster” or a “poo monster” or a “bum monster”. These are the types of things he finds absolutely hilarious at the moment. He would then no doubt chase his sister around the house with his creation!

  • Hmmmm I have 4 monsters and I bet even the 16yr old and 14yr old would be there with the 10 and 5 yr old playing with these!

    I could see cars, motorbikes, guitars and more than likely a penis being created and then proudly displayed around the house (did I mention all 4 are boys)

  • My kids would both definitely make Minecraft characters! My son would also make Pokemon characters, zombies and dinosaurs while my daughter would make flowers, animals and patterns.

    I’m sure they would love this toy!

  • My 3 year old would probably make a “mummy has asked me to stay in bed 40 times” monster. It’s the scariest thing she’s been exposed to ?

  • I worked at a preschool where children were not allowed to make guns. One of the boys had made what looked like a gun but said it was a nail gun. I couldn’t decide if that was allowed or not.

  • Miss 11 would make horses. I have no idea how but she is very creative. The boys having just seen the movie pixels would probably make space invaders or weapons of some sort to attack eachother with. ?

  • Without a doubt it’d be Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. My son is obsessed with ‘Big Foot’ and would have a blast with the Moose Toy Pack. Thank you Bruce and Merry Christmas!

  • WINNER: Kristy WINNING ANSWER: My 4 little monsters said they would make me as their monster or their siblings!!! This could be interesting.

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