My Barbie Girl


Miss3 was playing quietly by herself in the baby’s room. The Barbie boxes were out.

With five girls, you might assume we would own a lot of Barbie dolls and accessories. You would be wrong. ‘A lot’ would definitely be understating it. I’ve been in toy stores with less extensive Barbie collections.

“She look like you, Mummy,” Miss3 came into the kitchen to tell Tracey. She was holding up one of her favourite Barbie dolls.

Like me? thought Tracey, her eyes going wide with surprise and then, obviously, glee. She thinks her Barbie looks like me? As you might imagine, for a woman who grew up wanting to be Barbie, this was just about the sweetest thing to ever come out of Miss3’s mouth.

But Miss3 wasn’t even finished yet.

“She got big boobs like you,” added Miss3, pointing to Barbie’s boobs and nodding.

Like me? thought Tracey, grinning now with giddy delight. She thinks her Barbie has big boobs like me? This might have been the first time Tracey has ever been told she’s got big boobs. Perfect boobs, yes. Amazing boobs, sure. I’m quite romantic like that when the mood takes me. But I’ve never gone with big boobs, it’s true.

But, unfortunately for Tracey, Miss3 wasn’t finished yet.

“Except you fat,” she finished, crashing Tracey back to hard, hilarious reality.

And before you eat me alive, Tracey did the pics lol 🙂


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