Merry Meaty Christmas for ME!!

We ducked into the local supermarket tonight on the pretext of grabbing some last minute supplies for the Christmas long weekend, but thinking since they’ll be closed for two days maybe they’ll be discounting their meat. And were we ever right!!

Managed to pick up about $360 worth of assorted meat for about $180 (slightly less actually).

We’ve now stocked our freezer with eight lamb roasts, some pork roasts, beef roasts, pork chops, shredded beef, eye fillets, scotch fillets and lots more.

Public holidays are a boon for savvy savers: since the supermarket is closed an extra day they need to discount out any meat reaching it’s ‘best by’ date. We were even luckier than usual today: the butcher could have been marking down the prices anywhere from 4pm to 9pm but when we walked in around 5.30pm he began his run along the shelves.

As well as the meat we picked up some half price fish and 2.5kg of half price chicken tenderloins from the deli.

I feel like Santa’s come a few hours early  🙂

What do you think?

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