Magnetic Attraction

This is a sponsored post for Kodak Moments. Love working with you guys! Thank you.

Is it just us, or do fridge magnets have a huge role to play in the smooth running of most families?

The order of meals for the week. Arriving at kids’ parties the right day and on time. Paying stupid speeding fines. None of these would be possible without the simple fridge magnet.

At least at our house.

So when Kodak Moments approached me again to highlight their cool app for turning photos into useful memories I jumped at it. The mugs with my mug on them went down a treat with the grannies and the photobook Tracey turned into a book about Miss4 were so much fun last time we couldn’t say no.

Plus, despite knowing the importance of fridge magnets to a functional household, we didn’t put any into our bus before we left.

Our initial idea was to have our favourite big lap photos so far made into fridge magnets so we can start to build up a series for when we settle back into a house in a few years. Great reminders of our life on the road with the kids every time we go for the milk.

You can order a set of 8 for only $18, so we started looking for our first group of photos to place an order with.

I say ‘we’.

“How’s it going?” I asked Tracey. “You done?”

“Sort of,” she said. “It’s hard.”

“The app? Isn’t it the same as for the cups and book you ordered?”

“I mean picking the photos. There’s over 4,000 to go through.”

Because we’d been on the road for all of a week by then.

And then it got even harder.

“What photos do you kids want us to make into fridge magnets?” Tracey asked our kids.

“Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!” came the collective cry. Followed by the now mandatory, “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Our grandson – their nephew – had arrived on the scene for Christmas.

The problem wasn’t even that we had a heap more photos (and I mean a heap more). The problem was fridge magnets are small and the collective consensus was Izzy needs – nay, deserves – something grander.

In the end, we got it sorted. We ordered two sets of fridge magnets to start our collection of memories on the fridge.

And we LOVE them.

The biggest negative of digital photos is you don’t tend to flick back through them like you did with a photo album. This changes all that. They’re right there making your smile every time you go for the milk.

The problem is we were staying in the bus outside Tracey’s parent’s place when they arrived in the mail, and after Tracey took the photos for this post we couldn’t get them off Nanny’s fridge.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded of Tracey when she’d begun to pull them off. “You can leave those right where they are. If you want your own you can order them.”

I guess she’s got a lot of bills.

And on the bright side, at least we know now how easy it is to use the Kodak Moments app.

AN OFFER JUST FOR YOU! Kodak Moments have again given me a fantastic offer to share with everyone – using the code BIGFAMILY in the Kodak Moments App, you can buy one set of magnets and get another set free; and the 2nd set can be of different images! Hurry, this offer ends 5th February.

Download the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Not just for fridges 🙂 Although, maybe not outdoorsy.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

Download the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

This is a sponsored post for Kodak Moments- thank you for supporting our family.

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