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Not up to writing yet, thanks to a migraine which messed not only with my head but with my eyes, so I’ll show you some photos instead.

Migraines are fairly new to me – I only got my first at forty. Luckily for me I never have much pain associated with my migraine. Instead I just go a bit blind. I don’t know what comes over me when I start losing my sight but I inevitably start giggling because if I look at my hand I only have three fingers and people are missing limbs on the left hand side of their bodies. It just tickles my fancy in a black sort of way.

This time, even when my sight returned, a really odd, new thing was not being about to read. Even the word ‘at’ had me stumped. I couldn’t work out the sounds the letters made.

So I’m taking it easy on myself right now and instead of writing I’ve decided to show you what my wife does when I ask her to touch up a photo of me for my blog.

“If you could just take out those bags the kids have added under my eyes,” I said into the phone. It’s not that I’m vain so much as I don’t like to scare readers off before they’ve had a chance to see what the page is about. Seriously, if I was vain I’d get her to straighten my nose, wouldn’t I?

“No worries,” she said, powering up Photoshop even before we’d hung up.

A short time later some emails popped up at work with the following attachments.

Thing I love about Tracey’s editing is how very subtle it is. What do you think?

Big Nose – The Michael Douglas – The Grinner – The One I’m Using

PicMonkey Collage

See if you can pick them πŸ™‚

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  • Good job Tracey! I might have a couple of pics that need touch ups around the waist, thighs, hips, turkey neck, bat wings. Think you’re up to the challenge?

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