I Make A Mess Of Letting My Wife Sleep In

photo (2)
See those crumbs in the bottom right of this photo – they should have given me a hint something was up. Or, in this case, down.

In what was probably her last sleep in ever, Tracey woke up at 10am today.

It’s the least I could do, given I’ve spent my week off having a decent hour or two kip every afternoon – or as I prefer to phrase it, ‘putting Miss3 down for a nap’.

“Okay, guys,” I said to the kids, “Mum’s sleeping in so we have to be super quiet.”

You wouldn’t know it if you lived next door, but it turns out my kids can be pretty good at this – especially Miss3.

My first hint I was going to spend the better part of twenty minutes madly cleaning up a mess before my wife woke up and got annoyed at me should have been the crumbs sitting just beyond where I was working on my laptops. It wasn’t. I confess I didn’t notice this until afterwards.

My first hint was actually when I noticed my coffee cup was missing.

No, wait…that was the second hint.

My first hint was when Miss3 stood up from under the table I was working on and coffee dribbled out of her mouth.

“What the hell…? How did you….? Where is my…? Oh, shit.”

After that there was a quick succession of revelations, beginning with the fact my coffee cup was missing. It was about a foot from my right foot. A further foot beyond that was the cake with chocolate icing Miss11 had made the day before. Well, what was left of it.

That Miss3 had begun demolition of the cake under my feet and then managed to sneak past and go for a wander around the house I learned not because any of her older siblings had looked away from the telly, their ipods or my ipads, but rather because there was a Hanzel and Gretel style trail of chocolate icing through the hall, kitchen and lounge room. It was on walls and floors and doors and even our new piano.

photo (5)
Looked more like Vegemite. Or worse.

“Seriously,” I said to my children. “Did no one notice she was doing this?”

“I got her down when she stood on the piano,” said Master9 defensively. On the piano. I instantly forgave him everything. He pointed at the brown icing on the keys. “But I didn’t notice that. Is it poo?”

Miss5 swiped one of the keys and licked her finger.

“No,” she said.

Of course, I did manage to clean the mess up before Tracey woke up.

I didn’t tell her the full extent of what happened – I believe I covered it with, “Emily wanted some cake this morning, I hope you don’t mind” – so it’ll be interesting to watch Tracey’s face when she reads this post…

…and from there whether or not she ever risks having a sleep in again. I’m in favour of not.

I was all over it.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


  • Your youngest and my youngest are SO similar!! Cheeky little pixies!! But so good for a laugh, which I’m sure Tracey did 🙂

  • Want to hear something funny? Tracey isn’t upset about the mess Miss3 made at all. What she’s upset about is me putting up these photos and not cleaning up first 😀

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