How To Catch Up With Your Folding


This week has been a disaster in terms of getting stuff done. Tracey has been editing her life away with over 70 family shoots to complete and I’ve been….doing stuff too.

And while I’ve managed to pretty much keep up with the washing, the folding has fallen behind.

A little.

In the same way Simon Cowell can come across a little conceited.

So I decided to take a photo to share on my Instagram, because I thought having a folding pile taller than myself was unusual and amusing enough that maybe people might get a chuckle.


Thing is, this didn’t include what was hanging on the full clothes line, sitting in our two washing machines, tumbling around in our dryer or…


…still waiting in our full washing basket.


And then, of course, Miss5 and Miss3 thought me piling all the clothes onto our coffee table was some sort of game. They looked so happy I didn’t have the heart to stop them and I just took a photo instead. Which I also posted.


What I didn’t realize was my dear, sweet mother-in-law would see the pics and, horrified, she’d jump into her car and race to our rescue.


So my advice is, if you want to get your folding done with a minimum of effort, post a pic or two on Facebook and then put the kettle on.

It’s my experience the rest seems to take care of itself.

On a related note, you might stumble across photos of our dirty windows or fans on our Instagram account over the next week.

Rest assured, I’ll be hoping my MIL does too.

‘Raising a family on little more than laughs.’


  • Funny. I hate laundry, so I reward myself by locking myself into the laundry room with the laptop and I watch netflix. The kids offer to help, but you know, I just haven’t really needed it! 🙂

  • we never get that kind of help from family. Lots of advise on how to be better humans though. I have friends who would come over and help if needed though 🙂 it’s always lovely when the village steps up.

  • LMAO!! EG Grandma always starts folding the minute she walks through our front door, but since she lives interstate I usually have to work really hard to build up a like worthy of her efforts. Should start now…

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