How My Boy Broke His Finger

broken finger
This is the sad face he put on all Sunday to tell people what happened – including when he was telling them over the phone.


To quote Prince John from Disney’s Robin Hood, ‘forgive me a cruel chuckle.’

We ended up in the emergency department on the last night of our four day holiday to the Gold Coast. I should start reviewing them on TripAdviser.

“Do you think I’ll need a needle?” Master9 asked me as we drove to a 24 hour medical which, an hour later, told us to go to the hospital.

My worried little man was asking anyone who’d listen if they thought he’d get a jab. Everyone from the doctors and nurses, through to the receptionist who logged us in and the security guards we ran into between the car park and the hospital entrance. Fortunately, they all assured him it would probably be fine, but he didn’t really relax about that until we were walking back to our car at 1.30 in the morning.

And a fear of needles is just one of the many phobias I appear to have successfully passed onto my son, as you’ll see from the brief video below.

Actually, if I confess I rather enjoyed my son breaking his finger, does that make me a bad parent? The two of us got to spend the five or six hours we were waiting for doctors chatting and niggling and laughing and giggling, playing games on the iPhone. It was all rather fun.

But enough from me. This post, instead of me retelling the story, I’ve decided to let Master9 do the talking. With the marvel of modern technology (and a wife who can do in an hour what it would take me a day) I’ll let him tell you in his own words what happened on this ill fated trip…

And that’s how he broke his finger – fast walking because he wasn’t allowed to run.

Also, having heard myself laughing in this video, perhaps I should take a liberty with the Prince John quote and change it to ‘forgive me a rather pathetic sounding chuckle’. It’s more accurate 🙂


Doc asked him to make an ok hand signal for the X-ray. He did. With his good hand.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”


  • Of course he did it walking!
    Just like mine is a mountain goat on uneven ground, but falls on her face on flat.

  • He’s a wonderful story teller…
    Is it not always the way the break something doing any everyday task
    I’ve walking. Lol

  • At least you took your son to the doctor. Our son broke his finger at about the same age as yours, except we thought it was just sprained and did nothing about it. After a week or two and it was still sore, we did go to the doctor who confirmed that yes, it had been broken. Too late then to do anything about it. He did his one Christmas when all the family was playing frisbee. He just kept on playing. Now, at the age of 22 his finger is bent a bit and he can’t straighten it out and I have a suspicion he will end up with arthritis in it. At least we can all laugh about it now.

  • A guy I know had his son break his arm while Mum was away in Europe. Dad thought it was just sore. Only discovered the break when Mum came home and took him to the doctor. I hate it when that happens.

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