Goodnight Sweetheart

Young Master6 has been sleeping like a six year old should since we took him to a child psychologist for help with grief. He’s been working himself into a lather over the passing of a close family friend who ultimately died in his sleep.

In fact after one week the improvement was so fantastically good the psych said we’ll make an appointment for a fortnight but she expected us to cancel it. With a week’s worth of catch up sleep under his belt he was a different kid – fun, cheeky, energetic.

We knew things were turning a corner when I heard him wake up one morning and say, “Oh, well I didn’t die,” and then break loudly into song with, “I will survive! I WILL SURVIVE!”

We were at our wit’s end with this problem. Nothing we did was working. Sometimes it pays to harden up and ask for help. For our son’s sake, I’m really glad we did.

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