Food for Fun

Last night I helped a good friend, Rin Tin, who was catering for a charity event in town. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen and having a great laugh makes the night worth the toil, but the cherry on top is she divides any food unused at the end of the night amongst the helpers. Tracey nearly shoves me out the door when Rin Tin asks me for help because she KNOWS how good the food is.

We usually feed the family for a couple of days on what I bring home. Our fridge is now chocked with over 3kg of Risotto, Risotto balls stuffed with feta, chicken sandwiches (bestest sangers – chicken, celery, walnuts, shallots, sour cream, mayo), a kilo of prawn meat, a chorizo mix with pastry shells, a bacon/parsley mix for stuffing mushrooms as well as bunches of shallots and basil. And I was knocking stuff back!!

If I’d taken a wage for the little work I’d done I would have been lucky to pull $50 in after tax dollars. Instead I’ve had a fun time and we’re eating like kings for the weekend   🙂

What do you think?

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