Double Jeopardy

“What do you think you’re doing!?” I said as I entered the kitchen, and Miss4 nearly jumped out of her skin.

Our second youngest had just been caught drawing in felt pen on the cupboard doors.

“You know what to do,” I said grumpily, and Miss4 stomped over and plonked herself down beside the fridge. We try go by the Supernanny rules here, when we have the time and the inclination. I walked over and squatted in front of my daughter. “You are only allowed to draw on paper. You are certainly not allowed to draw on cupboards. You will sit on the naughty corner for four minutes and think about what you’ve done.”

The beauty of the naughty corner is it gives you a few minutes to calm down. And clean up the mess.

While Miss4 sat quietly and thought about what she’d done to deserve time out, I took to the cupboard with a cloth and removed the cave drawing. By the time I’d finished the clean up Miss4 was due for parole.

It was Supernanny time again.

I knealt down in front of my daughter and fought for eye contact.

“Now tell me what you’re on the naughty corner for and say sorry,” I said in my best Daddy voice.

“Because I drew on the cupboard,” said Miss4, in a suitably conciliatory tone. “And I drew on the fridge, the freezer,” she continued, pointing to each of our kitchen appliances, “and the dishwasher. Sorry about that.”

And now she’d pointed them out I could see they all had green and blue squiggles and lines on them.

“Bye, Daddy,” said Miss4, heading towards the lounge room.

She didn’t get far.

I’m not sure if it’s legal to sentence someone twice for essentially the same crime, but I guess Miss4 can take that to Supernanny court of appeals when she eventually gets out of the naughty corner, now to be known as Juvie Hall.

Miss4 poses with felt pen and sad face for the camera.
Miss4 poses with felt pen and sad face for the camera.

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