Common Cents

This week Miss4 has discovered money. Not for spending, mind you, but just for the fun sound it makes when you put it in a tin.

A riot broke out a few days ago because Miss4 was running around the house with Miss8’s piggy bank, repeatedly emptying the coins out and then picking them up off the floor and putting them back into the slot, like she was caught in a loop. Miss8 was especially worried some coins would go missing. Given the sheer number of incomplete jigsaw puzzles and three quarter packs of playing cards in the house this was not a baseless concern.

We soon found Miss4 her own piggy bank and she immediately began a looking for ways to grow her wealth.

She’s been searching the house for coins, finding them in the lounge, in drawers and in her mother’s purse. I’m fairly certain some of the coins she found under the coffee table were in fact dropped there by herself out of Miss8’s money box, but as her older sister hasn’t noticed I’ve let it slide. Sixty cents is a small price to pay for peace, especially when Miss8 is picking up the tab.

Not satisfied with the slow growth of wealth through finding money, Miss4 is keen to earn it too.

A purely fictional typical day might start with Tracey walking into a girl’s room and saying something like, “Hello my little cherubs. How are we all this mor….Holy cow!! This room is a mess! Why is my bra on Raggedy Ann’s head? And who’s been eating the felt pens? Clean this up immediately or I’ll sell you all for scientific experiments.”

To which a green and orange mouthed Miss4 will ask, “How much pocket money will I get?”

I’m not really sure what Tracey says after this because it’s fairly indecipherable and a little too highly pitched for my man ears. And, oh that’s right, it’s a fictional story….right.

Not to be deterred, today Miss4 came up with a new way to make money – she was singing and dancing in the kitchen when she came up with the idea to win it in a competition.

“I’ve got an idea!” she announced this morning at breakfast. “Grandma, you and mummy can have a contest and whoever guesses what I’m singing can give me money!”

Personally, I’m as proud of the little Scrooge McDucky as it’s possible for a banker to be.

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