Moon tonight out car window - this should have alerted me to something being amiss.
Moon tonight out car window – this should have alerted me to something being amiss.

I have made an important discovery.

It’s been twenty years in the making and, I’ll be honest, it has surprised me because I had absolutely no idea it was all leading to this.

Two decades ago I moved to G-town and effectively gave up on radio because we can’t get B105 or Triple J here. Or maybe we can these days – I admit I haven’t tried for a long time. We’ve tended to have a lot of Hi-5, Wiggles and the like in the car for over a decade.

Which hasn’t been easy for me.

So when we drove to Brisbane to farewell Miss20 at the airport for her flight back to Perth I thought I’d revisit my old haunts.

We didn’t even get to listen to a single song. Just three ads.

The first ad – and I nearly turned it off at this point – was about someone by the deathbed of their parent who was dying from lung cancer. There’s some cheery shit, right there.

I sat waiting for some icky questions from the two rows of kids behind me but they thankfully never arrived.

At least, I thought this was a good thing at the time, but if they’d asked me something maybe we would have spoken straight through the next ad.

This second ad was for penis erectile dysfunction, which possibly made it past the juvenile sensors in the back seat except they used the word sex to sell their product. Of course they did.

Who knows? Maybe that did go unnoticed and I just imagined the snickers from Master8’s general direction. I don’t think so. He was really chuckling.

And then all hell broke loose.

“The radio swore!” said Miss8.

“What did it say?” asked Miss11 from the very back of the car where the radio wasn’t quite as clear.

“It said bloody.”

“Hey!” I snapped.

“Well it did say bloody!” Miss8 insisted. She was right. “And I only said bloody because it was on the radio and she asked!”

“You can’t say bloody,” Master10 told her. “Dad thinks bloody is a swear word.”

“I think it is too,” she told him.

“But what if I cut myself?” asked Miss5.

“Did it really say bloody, Daddy?” Miss11 called out.

“Bwuddy! Bwuddy! Bwuddy!” shouted Miss3 gleefully.

So we were quickly back playing to CD’s in the car.

And I’ve discovered I’m seriously okay about that.

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”

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