Can You Feel It?

“So, Bruce,” said the familiar voice on the phone – a friend who works at the council. “I’ve called up for a dose of your wonderful customer service.” I could hear her grinning all the way down the line.

I cussed under my breathe. I knew what this was about. I’d just spent five minutes being ribbed about it by my work colleagues.

One thing I always strive for at work is happy customers. I’m friendly. I’m courteous. I’m personal.

But sometimes, like today, I go too far.

Having satisfactorily completed a request over the phone a few minutes earlier, I’d gone to say goodbye.

“Alrighty. Thanks for calling.” So far so good, but then I went on. “I love you.” With immediate horror I realized what I’d said. What had happened was I’d been speaking to Tracey the call before and the remnants of our conversation were still fluttering around my head – that’s my excuse anyway. I nearly jumped down the phone to take my words back. “No! Wait! No, no, no, no, no-” But it was too late. They’d hung up.

Which, when I thought about it, was a good thing. I’d gotten away with it.

No, I hadn’t.

“Nice,” said a voice over my shoulder. “It’s all about going the extra distance. Giving them more than they expect.”

“You know, it’s how can I be of service?” said another when word started getting around, “not can I service you?

Yes, the world is full of comedians. My work has all the ones who aren’t funny enough to be given a microphone.

As does, it seems, the local council.

“The whole office has been pissing themselves,” my friend assured me ungraciously. “Anyway. Time to go. Don’t forget the big finish.”

“Yeah, I’m just not feeling it,” I told her. Funny cow.

Worst thing is, I’ve done this before – Best Customer Service EVER!


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  • An ex work colleague of mine was dealing with a particularly difficult customer in our call centre a few years ago now, but this still sticks with me. As she was finishing the call she was trying to turn things around & end on a positive, but accidentally got tongue tied – “no pleasure, my problem!” needless to say the customer was not amused! :p

  • Its funny that our brains don’t always catch up with the fact we are on a new call. Once after speaking to my hubby on the phone in the next call I called a client Bretty. Luckily he had a sense of humor and said “I assume your partner is also called Brett?” It became a running joke and every time I talked to him after he would say “Hi, Bretty here”

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