Breathe easy

Bad night with Miss1 – her asthma was playing up again.

After nebulising her, and even giving her Redipred, without any noticeable success we decided to err on the side of caution and take her to the hospital.

And well we did, as she registered 84% oxygen. A couple of hours and various treatments later, she was allowed home once her oxygen levels rose to a more respectable 97%.

Upon arriving home, however, she was too excited to sleep and didn’t go down until closer to 3.30am.

Tracey slept in Master5’s bed so she could be close to Miss1 while Master5 joined me. He slept like a log. Literally like a log – he rolled all around the bed.

So we’re exhausted today. But Miss1 is a little better so we’ll cope.

What do you think?

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