Bottling It Up


A couple of years ago my wife and I decided we deserved to eat nice food, despite having a large family and not much money to spare for fancy groceries. Buying in bulk, whether this is a box of tinned tomatoes or a 2 litre tomato sauce bottle, has helped to offset some of these expenses.

I think I may have a strong Italian heritage because I love the smell of olive oil. It excites me. It lifts my mood. We buy our olive oil in 4 ltr tins and pour it into a more easily usable 750 ml bottle for cooking. Similarly the 2 litre tomato sauce is resized into more kid friendly 500ml squeezy bottles. We do the same for milk (3 litre into 1 litre for small fingers at breakfast time).

The smaller bottles we use are recycled from one off purchases we made to get the bottles we needed. Only negative we’ve had so far was a guest worrying the use-by date on the sauce had well and truly expired.

And if you check out the price of the smaller bottles in the supermarket every now and then it reaffirms the savings you’re making from buying in bulk.

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