Who Says I Can’t Act?

I look keen to start my new life. At this point I was keener for a lie down. Photo credit: The Gympie Times (Patrick Woods)

I am a fully fledged media-tart. It’s true.

My face appeared in the local rag, The Gympie Times, today because, as regular readers will know, I’m throwing in the towel on banking and taking up being a stay at home dad in an effort to help my wife, Tracey, and her awesome photography business.

The huge bonus for me is I’ll be able to do stuff with my blog, be it more vaguely disturbing posts about my lack of helicopter parenting or some easy peasy recipes, and maybe even craft. Like I’m considering a ‘nailed it’ section where I attempt to do stuff involving glue, nails and sticky tape – should be dreadful.

But the thing is, there’s a little story behind the story, or rather the photo. What I didn’t expect was how fit serious media-tarts need to be.

“Can you run a little faster?” the photographer asked. I’d been circling him for about ten minutes, holding out a laptop and trying to flash my superest smile. “I’m trying to get things looking blurry behind you.”

“This…is my…top speed,” I blurted out as I raced and spluttered around him yet again. My arm was getting sore but that wasn’t the thing I was most worried about. I already had some serious under-boob sweat going on.

And still I managed to smile for the camera – surely that’s a media-tart skill right there.

After all that, we got the shot, but the thing I’m really pleased with is after I caught my breath The Gympie Times asked me to write a weekly column for them – once I’ve stopped wheezing and I’m free of work commitments. For someone who loves the idea of appearing in the paper just so future generations will have something to discover in the archives, how awesome is that!?

So already the next adventure is looking like a lot of fun.

Bring it on, I say.


 ~ raising a family on little more than laughs ~


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