The Marketman came through for us again today with 18kg of new season Royal Gala apples. We paid $30, meaning we paid $1.67 a kilo for these sweet, crunchy crowd-pleasers. Local supermarket has them in stock for $4.86 a kilo – so the box would have cost over $80. Or alternatively, for the same money we’d have bought just over 6 kilos of apples – so that’s 12 kilos of free fruit for the family!

The beauty of these Royal Gala is they’re small, so they fit into lunch boxes without any hassle.

We’ve had the box of apples for four hours now and half a tray is missing already!

Again, strongly recommend finding someone who goes to the major fruit markets to purchase for you. Or a decent green grocer who’ll give you a great price for buying by the box.

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