28 Weeks

Tracey is so much belly at the moment we wonder how much bigger she can get.

We’re booked into the hospital now (they know us pretty well these days) and we have the green light for delivery of baby number seven. The hospital balked a bit when Tracey told them she’d had some different sort of cravings this time – alcohol and cigarettes.

“That’s still normal, right?” she asked them. From the looks she got, maybe not. “But don’t worry, I haven’t had any!”

Lately, I’ve been considering at the time I’ll need to take off work and told Tracey I should be able to manage 3 weeks, maybe a little more.

“No!” she yelped. “I don’t want you here.”

“Why not?” I asked, a little put out.

“Having you here messes with my routine. Once I’m home from the hospital you can go back to work.” How many women bringing a new baby home from the hospital are insistent they don’t want any help? Especially if they’ve already got four kids under nine, and two older kids to boot.

“Do you mind if I maybe spend a day or two with my new baby first?” I asked, still further offended. I think I do alright about the house and changing nappies. “If that’s okay.”

Tracey had the good grace to appear abashed. “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.” She looked thoughtful for a few moments. “I know! You can do the school run.”

I knew she’d find a use for me if I harped at her long enough.


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  • Wow, 28 weeks already 🙂
    My husband is always around because he has a super flexible roster at work. Sometimes he gets in my way unintentionally! He’s trying to help and it’s so lovely (as it’s our first pregnancy) but I can see myself telling him to let me do SOME parent-y stuff at SOME point – he’s always nagging about something or asking me a million questions – he’s now read so many pregnancy books that I think he knows a little TOO much! I do wonder if he’ll be home a bit TOO much for my liking! You blokes wreck our routines! haha.

  • I think those cravings are normal. A girlfriend of mine LOVED the smell of, believe it or not, petrol, during her first pregnancy – her husband had to stop letting her fill up the car because she would have just stood there at the station all day. With her second pregnancy she craved cigarettes, along with Kraft cheese slices and bacon, but never smoked.

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